The ultimate pest control method is Fumigation Services. Various kinds of fumigation services available in pest control treatments. Such as : Household Fumigation Service, Industrial Fumigation Service, Warehouse Fumigation Service, Container Fumigation Service, Palate Fumigation Service, Timber Fumigation Service and Vehicle Fumigation Service. Generally Pest Control Services cover for a particular infestation of Pest. But fumigation Services are covering all kinds of pest and insects infestation.



Household Fumigation Service:

Sometime a flat or a house effected by more kinds of pest and insect. Several time tacking pest control services but do not get any positive result. Because all the pest are too odd tolerant and a particular treatment has use to for them. So the particular treatment is not more effective for these pest or insect in this house or flat. In that case a house hold fumigation service are must needed for this property.

Industrial Fumigation Service:

All the industries must need to continuing fumigation service with a particular frequency. Because Industry’s areas are so pest infestation friendly. For ensuring product qualities continuing fumigation is most important. Pest or insect can be play a villein roll for your manufacturing product. Some time we have seen shipment cancel when buyer find an insect in the packet of product.

Container Fumigation Service:

This is the most important fumigation service among the all fumigation services. When you are an exporter you have to must ensuring your product carrying Containers are pest and insect free. So that its need to proper fumigation in your product carrying containers and also must need a valid Certificate of Pest free acknowledgment.

TIGER PEST Provides all kinds of Fumigation Treatment Services with proper and valid certification.

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