Pest Control Gulshan

Gulshan is one of the most affluent areas of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Let's have a look at what to do when this well-arranged area is under pest attack.
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Hail to the official site of pest control Gulshan. If you are a fellow citizen of this area, the website will help you discover the dos and don'ts of pest control and the ultimate solution for pest infestation. Navigate through the site to find more.
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Services We Provide

bedbug control service


We take down bed bugs with our latest chemicals and methods for a healthier surrounding.
cockroach control service

Cockroach Control

From nymph to egg to droppings, we can control all the stages of the cockroach life cycle by terminating them.
rat control service

Rodent/ Rat Control

Both domestic and wild rodents are on our control list to eliminate Gulshan.
termite control service

Termite Control

Never delay a termite on sight since they can grow faster than most other insects. Call us as soon as there are signs.
mosquito control service

Mosquito control

We have divided Gulshan into several zones based on mosquito density. The marked red zones in our map are given the highest priority during any voluntary visit to control mosquitoes.
ant control service

Ant control

Ant disturbance is common in Gulshan due to the presence of several restaurants. They are there at the slightest smell of food. Home or business property, save it with us from ant infestation.
snake control service

Snake Control

Although there are no places around here that have the susceptibility for snakes, any sight of snakes and you may dial for our emergency for immediate management.
cleaning service

Cleaning service

We offer a cleaning service for heavy curtains, carpet, furniture, car, etc. These things are time-consuming to clean by oneself. Thus our facility takes care of them.
disinfection service

Disinfection service

It is provided in zones of Gulshan, having more unorganized garbage systems, open maintenance holes, and drain lines. The service helps to kill pests before they are born.
We serve many industries
Since Gulshan is the holding center of a versatile construction, pest control Gulshan has taken that to account while controlling pests. Here is a list of the industries we offer our humble services to.
Multi-unit apartment

Our pest examination service

One of the fundamental parts of our pest control service is the pest examination service. It is included as a free-of-cost facility in the scheduled package. Although it is not possible to provide the facility during emergency calls, we made it mandatory during the rest of our services due to a shortage of time.

Since pests can recur now and then, it is better to terminate them at one go. But how do you know which treatment to use without examining the condition first? And how do you prevent them if you jump to treatment straight? It is when the pest assessment service assists the most.

Our pest examination team will look and research through every nook and corner of the property handed to them. This service is available for both your business and business.

About Pest Control Banani

Pest control Gulshan is one of the most famous pest control companies currently operating in Gulshan. We are just a babyling compared to most of our competitors since our company has come to light not more than five years ago. Even in this short period, we have gathered a handful of experiences while training many employees.

We have never underestimated the job bestowed upon us because it involves having to do something a regular person will not. Our target is to build a pest-free Gulshan area, even if that includes taking minor steps toward restoring hygiene.

Our service is broken down into two different packages. The first one is emergency service. A 24*7 active service that responds even at the late hours of the night. A separate team works relentlessly on shift to serve on-call.

Another one is the scheduled service, where you have to make an appointment for a pest examination service on a particular day. You can fix the day according to your free time. The examination service will decide further about the treatment timing. Although the treatment part of the scheduled service will cost you, we have kept the assessment service complimentary for all.

We have many other voluntary activities like arranging seminars, educating the local public about pests, celebrating environmental days, etc.

Why choose our professional pest control service

As mentioned earlier, we are a complete newbie in this business. But if you see our customer profile, you would be surprised by the number of services we are increasing by the day. Now, what do these people see in us to hire a newcomer?

Even in this short period, we have trained more than 5000 workers. They are nationally qualified, and government certified to control pests. Pest control service is what their dedication lies. When their knowledge and experience are matched with such commitment, they have been able to win the customers' faith.

We provide the quickest service among everyone else. One emergency service with us, and you will experience 100% customer satisfaction. Our latest chemicals and strategy work in harmony to achieve such trust in ourselves.

If you keep all these keys in mind, you would want to hire us if there is a pest infestation.

Why Pest control service is important

Gulshan is one of the most significant areas in the capital. Extensive areas hold a different number of industries with much diversity. Pests can grow anywhere at any moment. No matter how much hygienic sense you have, how proper your cleaning methods are, how well built the city is, there will always be pests.

Yes, if you have an excellent garbage system and cleanliness, the number and attacks may not be as recurrent as when you do not have the facilities. However, the situation is, a single somebody can't take control of the entire occurrence. It is when pest control service is necessary.

These services will help terminate all pests species according to zones, treatments, and preventive methods. The chemicals used are not dangerous for humans and the environment but only for problems. It is a process of making a healthier area of the city.

We are the best pest control company in Bangladesh

When you are talking about a company, the adjective best depends on several criteria. The primary three criteria should be about their chemicals' safety, service responsiveness, and pest control treatment effectiveness if it is a pest control company.

We have ensured all these significant criteria are met while offering services to our customers. That explains how we have been able to win the trust of so many in such a short period of our journey. That undoubtedly makes us one of the best pest control companies of recent time.